Growth Plan For Ange Henderson

How to Increase Your Revenue by $408k+ in 12 months

…Without Spending A Penny More On Ads

Key Growth Challenges You Mentioned

  • Small clients have higher expectations which takes up a lot of time and energy for low return making it less scalable.
  • Need a scalable way to create conversations with bigger clients who can invest in your Action Takers mastermind. Allowing you to scale faster with less clients.
  • Need to improve the sales funnel’s effectiveness, especially in converting leads into actual sales.

It’s no secret that a new digital agency appears in the world every day. But we’re not new (We’ve been in this game for over 12 years). And we’re not a digital agency. We’re a growth partner.

We’re a small team of 8 headed by marketing strategist & sales expert…Me.

I have a Bachelor of Business (Double major in Entrepreneurship & Business Economics) where I was invited into the Golden Key Honours Society for academic excellence. So I came into the online marketing world with a focus on real business growth.

As a 20 year old uni student I was already raring to help entrepreneurs be better entrepreneurs with the knowledge I was soaking up, so I started my first business venture – a digital magazine for entrepreneurial advice.

I taught myself to build the website from scratch (with Google’s help), and pushed it to rank first on Google for “entrepreneur advice”. People quickly got word that I could build websites and get them ranked at the top of Google. So they started paying me to build theirs.

Before I knew it, my side-hustle had evolved into a full-blown digital agency and in 2011 I went full time into my second business, Static Shift.

Since then I’ve worked closely with over 275+ entrepreneurs to help them grow and scale online by building websites, sales funnels, copywriting, organic traffic and cold email outreach.

But still I felt like something wasn’t working. I was doing too much, losing sleep, and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. And I saw other agency owners all around me feeling the same.

Part way through 2023 it became very obvious there were a couple of major flaws in the typical agency model that were holding my business growth back…and my clients.

  1. To grow you have to bring on more and more clients and there’s no incentive to work with a small handful of clients.
  2. There’s a word that’s used in the agency world “Productise” – to deliver at scale you have to be able to templatise your services – making it easier to streamline your team’s workflows. But to do that you have to fit clients inside your box (I bet you’d agree you don’t fit in a box).
  3. Often clients pick and choose a service. e.g. SEO. Which was fine. Then we’d build up traffic and we’d drive a lot of traffic and enquiries, but if they didn’t have us looking after their sales funnel or sales process upstream we had no control over how well that was working, and we found that traffic wasn’t making half (in some cases less than a quarter) of the money it could be.

So we’ve adapted. We’ve built a holistic 4-step client acquisition system and decided to only partner with a handful of clients on a much closer level in a way that makes sense for us and our client’s growth.

We’ve become Growth Partners…more on that shortly.

Add Some secret sauce?

I’m in a high-level Mastermind with a company whose founders have scaled 4 businesses successfully – from EdTech, Marketing, Growth Partnering and Consultancy & Coaching.

They grew their current business from 0 to $5M USD annual revenue in 18 months.

Our relationship enables me to leverage:

  • Validate sales and marketing strategies that drive results across world leading organisations – examples of companies this approach works with 👇
  • Resolve challenges in campaigns with expert advice and guidance.
  • Plan and execute my growth partner project effectively.

My commitment to the success of mine and your business:

  1. Weekly meeting to gain insights on new strategies to improve results for you and overcome challenges – campaign not producing results.
  2. Constantly learning and testing with community of leaders to stay ahead of a competitive market for targeted outreach and sales process improvement.
  3. Continuous development in business growth and outside of the box solutions – like “The Interview Method” and “The Keynote Approach”!

You can grow your revenue by hiring direct staff and working with marketing agencies.

But, it’s challenging to hire good people because if you’re good at sales or marketing, it’s easy to get a 6-figure job or run your own business or agency.

  1. Even if you find them, senior people are $130k + per year
  2. On top of that you then also need to hire a team to do the work and for them to lead!
  3. Frankly, most people looking for jobs don’t know how to get results, they run their own business.

So CEOs like yourself have to work with agencies or freelancers.

But after owning an agency myself and networking with a lot of them, I found they generally don’t provide the best overall growth results for clients. Because they are incentivised by bringing on new clients, and they’re limited on time and deliver templated services.

Agency Growth Challenges Report by Vendasta

Getting results is harder than it used to be…

Marketing has changed!

It’s not like a few years ago where you could send cold emails or throw up ads on Facebook and get good leads instantly.

The market’s got more sophisticated resulting in companies having to do more and be more creative to get same results as before.

That’s why working with a Growth Partner that works with only a handful of clients, they can become an extension of your team driving real revenue growth through improving key aspects from marketing to sales.

The incentives align because as a partner the profits and growth are driven by the success of your business…

A Growth Partner essentially becomes a non-equity investor in your business – one that advises AND does the work!

Creating a win-win scenario – that’s the relationships that last!

📈 Increased revenue and profits within 3-6 months.

🗺️ A trusted partner working hard & smart to grow your business.

💰 Applying a proven growth method to accumulate free cash flow without guesswork and wasting time and money.

🔑 Never compete as a commodity, get the price you deserve and never race to the bottom against competitors with an inferior service to yours.

🛠️ A new system that finds and converts your dream clients into high-paying customers

💼 New sales and marketing assets that enable you to close ‘cold’ prospects you’re never been able to reach before.

Scale your business whilst reducing dependency on you, freeing you up to focus on priority tasks.

4 Step Growth Plan to Increase Revenue & Profitability

We use a transformative B2B client acquisition framework to drive significant growth in revenue.


1. Go-To-Market Strategy

Market research to build a highly profitable offer and messaging that your dream love.


2. Education-Based Marketing

Fill up your pipeline with more qualified prospects.


3. Sales Development

Schedule 20+ new high-ticket business meetings every month.


4. Sales Collaboration & Scale

Increase sales and continue to refine and optimise your funnels to scale.


Build a highly-profitable, Magnetic offer that your dream prospects love

Why do most businesses not reach their full potential?

  • They’re not looking at growing their business from a holistic perspective.
  • They’re focusing too much on the product and features when selling and marketing.
  • Then they struggle to communicate the true value they provide to their customer.

⚠️ The Result?

They don’t reach their full potential, stagnate or even wither away. Because they get overlooked by their ideal clients.

💡 There’s a simple solution!

Holistic perspective on growth.

Focusing on delivering an amazing service is great because it improves your clients experience and helps solve their problems more effectively – most likely the thing you started the business for!

But… being able to effectively communicate what problems you’re solving, how and who you’ve done it for is just as important.

That’s marketing and sales.

But not in the sense most people think.

It’s marketing and sales focused on optimising WHOSE problems to solve and WHY they came to you in the first place.

💡 So how do we achieve A Magnetic Offer?

We want to approach it with a data-driven mindset.

You’ve been running businesses for years, so you have thousands of happy clients.


They will tell you what they were struggling with before they met you, what other solutions they tried, how much they spent on them and what made them buy from you in the first place!

👑 That’s a GOLDMINE full of information.

Wouldn’t you like to work with people who:

  • Get the best results with your service…
  • Are very happy with their experience…
  • And bring you flocks of referrals?

👇 Here’s how we do it…

Interview your best clients and dream prospects!

Ask them about their problems, desires, dreams, fears, frustrations, how you helped, what quantifiable results they obtained, what other solutions in the market they tried and why they didn’t work for them.

🌊 Don’t accept surface level answers – get to know them on a deeper level!

And remember – at this point you’re not selling.

You’re just looking for insights.

That will help you get into the right mindset AND make them lower their defenses.

Without deep, honest insights you won’t be able to get to the root of WHY they bought from you.

💵 Here is how to turn these insights into highly-profitable sales assets:

  1. Record the interview with your client (with their permission) and share it on your website, socials and email list – this will be a case study – a powerful piece of social proof that makes your prospects trust you more and come on to sales calls ready to buy.
  2. Create your offer and marketing claim based on what your clients said was the most important thing they were looking for.

Your offer and claim have to solve your dream clients’ number 1 problem or desire!

Build the value of your offer with one specific person in mind.

They need to be around their number 1 priority because people are limited in time and resources.

So they will always prioritise solving their priority problems.

After doing this exercise, you will stand out in the market as a one-of-one.

No other viable option in the market.

💵 There’s still one problem…

In saturated markets like yours, having only case studies isn’t enough. You need meaningful engagement with the prospects.

On top of that, studies have shown that only 3% of prospects in any market are buying a solution for their problem now.

6-7% are open to buying a solution.

30% are not thinking about it.

30% don’t think they’re interested.

And the remaining 30% know they’re not interested.

✅ The Key to unlocking 70% of the market

Education-based marketing

It’s a simple idea, widely used

But many marketers don’t understand how to use this.

Education-based marketing doesn’t mean putting together a vague presentation in 10 minutes and slapping a “webinar” sticker on it.

That’s just wasting your prospects time.

They’re running businesses, managing teams and each of their businesses is different.

✅ What do we do instead?

We’ll clarify what those are, how to run them and how to turn them into sales opportunities with minimal effort next ⛔ So now, the question is…

How do we get qualified prospects interested in your offer?


Education-based Marketing: Fill up your pipeline with qualified prospects

At this stage we understand we need:

  • Case studies of successful, happy clients
  • A marketing claim that promises a transformation your clients desire
  • Education-based marketing to attract prospects

Because most modern markets are saturated, buyers lack trust and need a lot of high-level engagement with your business to trust you enough to buy from you…

🗣 So now, we need to figure out *how* to get in front of your Dream Clients

There are different ways to do it:

  • Networking Events/Conferences – Warm & personal, but time-consuming and high-effort, & you don’t reach new customer bases quickly enough.
  • Organic Referrals – unreliable, you can’t decide the scale
  • SEO and blogs – take a very long time to see results and most don’t do it right.
  • Ads – high cost, high risk, difficult in b2b and complex b2c markets.
  • Cold calling – Sales development reps churn very quickly, you burn potential relationships instead of building them.

That leaves us With outbound Email Prospecting

Many companies are afraid that this will ruin their reputation or that it simply “doesn’t work for us”.

And it can definitely be true… only if done incorrectly.

For example, here’s a cold email we received. Can’t emphasise enough – DO NOT DO THIS

💡 We’ve found the solution: relevant, specific, education-based marketing

We create email campaigns using innovative ideas such as:

Or to take part in a whitepaper/study on a topic very relevant to the trends and problems in the industry specific to that prospect.

Inviting your ideal potential clients for a virtual keynote on a topic very relevant to the trends and problems in the industry specific to that prospect.

These approaches are extremely effective at getting prospects interested in the offer.

You might notice this is very different to how most lead generation companies are doing it.

⚠️ This is because they’re not thinking about growth holistically.

They only care about getting a response or a call booked.

Our approach takes the entire sales process into account. This approach gets more calls booked, and provides them with more value upfront and builds your position as an expert in their eyes.

Because you can’t take number of business meetings booked to the bank.

The average industry cold email reply rate is around 1%. But not ours…

📊 Here are results from our own email campaigns

This means we don’t have to send bulk spammy outreach emails to people to book sales calls.

This strategy has booked calls with decision makers in companies all over the world like:

📈 We’re now getting positive responses from qualified prospects…

But this is still 2 steps away from money in the bank.

We first need to turn these positive responses into business meetings booked on your calendar.

And then we need to close them.

This is what we will cover in the next 2 stages.


Schedule 10+ new business meetings every month

So now we:

✅ Have case studies of your most successful clients

✅ Have a marketing claim that promises a transformation your clients desire

✅ Are attracting hundreds of prospects with education-based marketing.

Now, we need someone to convert the interest from our prospects into qualified sales meetings booked on your calendar.

⚠️ This is simple, but not easy.


This is EXTREMELY time consuming – nurturing a cold’ish lead (director level) to join a sales call.

Doing this effectively diverts focus from other key business development and sales activities.

Finding good sales person or sales development rep is like finding a needle in a haystack.

They do exist but if you manage to find them, you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg to get them.

And keeping them will be a struggle.

The Key

Motivating and Training competent team members to turn positive responses into booked meetings at a high rate

I am going to personally do this for you.

We use a framework that outperforms the market:

  • Acknowledge what they’re saying
  • Commodotise their objection (if it’s there)
  • Frame your response in a positive light

This removes reliance on templates and gives freedom to be creative with response as long as it follows the proven reply structure.

We take care of the full process and managing them through day-to-day.

That way you can focus on higher leverage activities and ensure your outbound efforts are not going to waste.

👔 Now we have a reliable, outbound prospecting machine running.

The next step is to turn these booked calls into money in the bank…


Sales Collaboration: Increase sales and improve cash flow with a 3-step sales process

Now we:

✅ Have case studies of your most successful clients

✅ Have a marketing claim that promises a transformation your clients desire

✅ Are attracting hundreds of prospects with education-based marketing.

✅ Are booking meetings with interested prospects.

We need to turn that interest into cash collected.

We’ve now attracted dozens or hundreds of prospects to your education-based piece of marketing.

Now we’re going to smoothly transition them into sales.

Before we do that…

⚠️ Sales in 2024 has 3 very BIG problems when marketing to new customers (without referrals):

⛔️ Oversaturated market – people are fed up with tons of “solutions” to their problems that promise the world and don’t deliver

⛔️ Sophisticated buyers – as a result of that, they educate themselves and know the basic criteria for good solutions.

⛔️ Lack of trust – so they understand most of the solutions in the market can’t be trusted.

🔑 Luckily, we’ve found a solution to all these problems…

The Whitepaper Interview Method

Essentially it’s market research to create marketing assets, with a process to convert to sales.

We reach out to cold dream prospects to interview them an give their opinion on an industry hot topic, or key challenge for a study / whitepaper on a topic that they are likely to care about (we will test different topics to find what connects best).

During that interview, you will build the relationship and get to know them and their business at a high level.

If they’re a good fit and they have problems you can solve, you can book a follow-up discovery call.

The insights from these calls (regardless if they turn into sales calls) will help you build an offer that your market desperately needs.

This research paper becomes a high value lead magnet.

The interview is positioned in a way that feeds into the individual’s ego and makes them feel important because we’re writing a research paper. They’ll also be interested in getting the insights from other business owners.

Benefits of the Interview Method

  • Doesn’t come across salesy in your outreach which gets a higher booked call rate – so you can create a lot of high-value conversations with business owners.
  • Sets you apart from competitors because they aren’t doing anything like this. They can see you truly care about what people actually need.
  • You can then find out the biggest problems these prospects are having, and position your Mastermind as a solution to their problems (and improve your Mastermind offering based on the feedback)
  • Position yourself as THE expert by showing the level of work you put into remaining at the forefront of the industry.
  • You get a high-value lead magnet out of it that attracts the perfect people.
  • Get Insights to create a strong Nurture Sequence & Sales Funnel for your Mastermind.

This is just one method in our toolbelt, and it’s one that is working very well for a range of industries. We will test and optimise to get it working as well as possible for you.

But there are other outbound strategies that we can employ, such as direct offers, the keynote strategy. We are also working on new ideas to start conversations. We will choose the most appropriate strategy based on our experience and knowledge, then test rapidly to let the market tell us what works.

👔 Now we have a reliable, outbound sales machine running and turning into money in the bank.

The next step is to turn these insights into marketing and sales assets to convert more of your inbound prospects…


Build & Optimise Evergreen Marketing & Sales Assets To Do The Selling For you

So now we:

✅ Have case studies of your most successful clients

✅ Have a marketing claim that promises a transformation your clients desire

✅ Are attracting hundreds of prospects with education-based marketing.

✅ Are converting prospects into Mastermind clients through outbound

Now, we want to use the insights from our outbound strategy to convert more of your inbound prospects from other marketing channels into mastermind clients.

So we build an Evergreen Sales Funnel for the Mastermind

As you probably already know, unless you have a super strong guarantee, you don’t want to lead with the main offer before customers have had a chance to get to know, like and trust you.

You need to get your foot in the door first, show some immediate value and build up the know, like, trust factor before you ask them to join the Mastermind.

Most coaches do have a foot-in-the-door strategy, but we see so many of them who get it very wrong. Not because they aren’t providing value. More often because they’re not providing the right value to attract their dream client, or they provide too much value so the program is no longer needed.

Now we know a lot about the challenges and pain points of your target market we have all the insights to create a very attractive high-value lead magnet.

We’ll craft a series of emails to quickly build trust, establish a connection, and warm up prospects to guide them towards making a purchase.

A strong nurture sequence after you have your foot in the door is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate by a huge margin. Don’t rely on trying to sell a high-ticket offer right off the bat when you don’t have much know, like, trust built up

Well create want around 30 days of emails with emails every day for the first 7-14 days, and every 2 days from day 15 onwards.

There are 4 content types we’ll use in rotation:

📖 Story / Connection: Share your personal experiences and insights to build a genuine connection with your leads. Take them behind the scenes of your business, share your challenges, and celebrate your successes.

🎓 Value / Education: Become a trusted expert by sharing helpful hints, ideas, and tools that people can use to make their lives better or fix their issues.

🌟 Results / Inspiration: Showcase testimonials and case studies from satisfied clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service. Highlight the transformations they’ve experienced and the obstacles they’ve overcome.

❓ Objection-busting: Address common objections and concerns that potential customers may have about purchasing your product or service. Offer solutions and reassurances to help them see that their objections are irrelevant, and your offer is the right choice for them.

Pro Tip: Leverage powerful video testimonials strategically in your nurture sequence (remember the client interviews from step 1…we’ll use them throughout your funnels too)

💡 To minimise times on calls, we’ll help you write and record a value-based sales letter combining the insights we’ve learned from our original insights work & further insights we learn through interviews.

These communicate:

  • Headline claim that captures your prospects’ attention
  • Case studies to evidence your headline claim
  • Your ‘why’ and expertise
  • What activities they can take to overcome their issues
  • Why you are the best option
  • Deeper insights into who you have helped
  • How you do it and the value of your service

Your prospects engage with you, they feel like they know you, what you do, and how you can help. All before you’ve met your prospect!

On your discovery call, the prospect is 5x warmer, not asking you loads of questions, and they’re happy to dig into the details of how you can help them!

Give prospects massive value to build trust and engagement before they even meet you. Engineer your sales message to rip through the noise and create the desire for your business

From here, the big domino has fallen, and marketing becomes simple. We drive eyeballs to the sales letter to provide value, eliminate objections, establish authority, and increase sales and marketing metrics. Conviction at scale! 💼

**VSLs are something internet marketers have been using for decades – there’s a reason – they work extremely well!**

  • A well-made video sales letter increases purchase intention by 97%
  • Adding a video to your landing page increases the conversion rate by 80%
  • Visitors spend 88% more time browsing through a site with video than just text-based

Now you have a system for inbound and outbound sales, we will continue to listen to the market and optimise and reimagine campaigns to ensure we are consistently landing you calls with your dream prospects, and more importantly turning them into sales.

1️⃣ Do It Yourself Without A Proven Growth Plan

The Approach: Keep building an awesome service and hope that prospects will come. Handling all marketing efforts internally without professional help.

The Pitfall: This can be a huge time suck. There’s the time spent learning the marketing strategies, and the time spent implementing. This time is better spent working on your core business activities, speaking about your expertise and improving your offer.

The Reality: While saving on external costs, DIY marketing can lead to much slower growth and potential revenue and market share loss. It will also mean you continue to have long sales conversations to close deals, and can be overwhelming and stressful to manage every aspect of marketing on top of your primary responsibilities.

2️⃣ Hire Agencies

There are two main types of agencies:

  1. Full service – deliver wide range of services with no focus on increasing your revenue ❌
  2. Performance-based agencies – run cold email campaigns❓

Think of your marketing to sales like a production line in a car manufacturing plant.

Performance-based agencies focus on providing a service that improves one specific part of your sales and marketing funnel – this can work if you have every other part of that funnel working well.

This performance-based agency might be an expert at painting – which could increase your business by 10-20%.

But let’s say, we haven’t put in the engine, even with the best paint the car will not work.

The engine in this case could be the sales assets, or sales collaboration (closing the gap between sales and marketing).

Based on where you are, there are other parts of the marketing to sales process that require focus.

Therefore, you need a holistic solution, not a specific one.

Problems with agencies:

❌ You pay money to get a service when you really care about outcomes

❌ Agencies are incentivised by bringing on new clients so their focus as a business is not on your success – it’s on selling more of their services to other clients similar to you.

❌ You hear all the promises, but none of them are guaranteed.

❌ You will incur direct expenses with no guarantee of profit and miss out on new business opportunities.

❌ You will need to hire separate agencies for cold email outreach, business & sales development and sales training

🤦 Agency’s #1 goal is to bring on more clients…

📈 My #1 goal is to help YOU make more PROFITS.

3️⃣ Take this growth plan and implement it yourself

The blueprint laid out in this Growth Plan is exactly how you can go from working IN the business to working ON the business and making a positive impact.

It’s now yours to take if you want! The problem is…

It’ll take at least a year of full-time work from yourself and 2-3 team members. I’m going to guess you don’t have the time.

There’s also the effort and investment of:

  • Figuring out which exact tools to use
  • Writing a script for case studies
  • Writing all the content for the nurture sequences, and figuring out the best way to convert them
  • Writing 10x campaigns per week to work out the best ones for prospects
  • Building out interview scripts
  • Implementing, training and scripting for the sales process
  • Figuring out how to track all the metrics and figure out which are the 20% WORTH tracking
  • etc. etc

4️⃣ Work together with Us As Your Growth Partner

You don’t have to waste money, time and attention coming up with strategies and testing what works and doesn’t. We’re incentivised to get results.

We guarantee results at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

With this Growth Plan applied to your business and us collaborating and growing together, while I work on implementation and constant iteration, your growth will be unstoppable.

Here’s how we’ll Add over $408k to your revenue

In this section I am going to show you how it’ll work for your business based on some estimates.

* Women account for around one third of Australia’s small business owners so we’ll divide the numbers by 3 to estimate the amount of women business owners we can target.

targeted Outreach To Service-Based Businesses & Coaches & Course Creators in Australia

In our lead database there a total of 30,600 high-level decision makers (Owner, Founder, CEO, Director) in service-based businesses (including coaching) with 2 – 5 employees in Australia

As we expect around 1/3 of them to be women business owners, this would be 10,200 total contacts we’d target.

  • 1% book a meeting = 102 booked calls (we don’t know this market directly so we’re unsure what the rate will be, but we have an average booked call rate over 5% from our outreach)
  • 80% of those qualified, so 81 qualified prospects
  • 25% of those turn into sales, so we’d be aiming for at least 20 high-ticket clients

Based on an average annual revenue from these high ticket clients of $20,400 (Action Takers Mastermind)

$408,000 new revenue from a lead source you’re currently not using 💡

(we can also recycle the leads and do multiple campaigns – although the conversion rates would be lower in future campaigns)

If we get a higher booked meeting rate, e.g. 3%, you can see how much difference that would make:

  • 3% book a meeting = 306 booked calls
  • 80% of those qualified, so 244 qualified prospects
  • 25% of those turn into sales = 61 high-ticket clients

$1,244,400 new revenue from a lead source you’re not currently using 💡

targeted Outreach To Service-Based Businesses & Coaches & Course Creators in United States

In our lead database there a total of 241,600 high-level decision makers (Owner, Founder, CEO, Director) in service-based businesses (including coaching) with 2 – 5 employees in United States

As we expect around 1/3 of them to be women business owners, this would be 80,533 total contacts we’d target.

  • 1% book a meeting = 805 booked calls (we don’t know this market directly so we’re unsure what the rate will be, but we have an average booked call rate over 5% from our outreach)
  • 80% of those qualified, so 644 qualified prospects
  • 25% of those turn into sales, so we’d be aiming for at least 161 high-ticket clients

Based on an average annual revenue from these high ticket clients of $20,400 (Action Takers Mastermind)

$3,284,400 new revenue from a lead source you’re currently not using 💡

(we can also recycle the leads and do multiple campaigns – although the conversion rates would be lower in future campaigns)

What We Do

If we did these services for you separately we’d charge the following:

Our DeliveryValue Per Year
Offer Value Creation
Create a customised 12-month growth plan for client acquisition that increases your revenue.$3,000
Offer setup – Creating a magnetic offer and messaging that helps your dream clients to understand the value you provide and how much they need what you’re selling.

– Offer workshop for Mastermind clients
– We’ll analyse all your Case studies for insights
– Additional market research to understand the target market
Develop five professional case study highlights and video editing to improve the metrics in all sales and marketing activities. $10,000
Creating New Business Opportunities
Creating a dream client database of 10,000+ contacts$25,000
Creating new outbound email scripts and angles weekly (as needed) in line with market feedback to maximise the results!$15,000
Building and operating a repeatable outbound client acquisition machine that books 6 to 12 new monthly appointments with dream clients and ensures attendance.$40,000
Closing and Converting Sales
Training and managing your Sales Development Representatives to manage booking new business opportunities into your diary$12,000
Providing a fractional Sales leadership support to collaborate and drive the Sales Team to Success – ensuring constant optimization!
Optimizing and empowering your sales team and structure by:
– Setting targets, coaching, managing and auditing 
– Providing scripts and templates for sales and marketing 
– Providing training and structures for how to close sales and overcoming objections 
– Tracking and optimising sales meetings by reviewing calls and feeding back
High-Converting Marketing & Sales Assets
Writing and optimising the marketing & sales assets to attract new prospects and capture attention for decades.
– Write email nurture sequences for your funnels
– Write sales page for each target customer
– Write Video sales letter script
– Audit your lead magnets to make sure
– Optimise your LinkedIn profiles
Growth Consulting
CEO 1-1 Strategy – sharing key industry insights on sales and marketing, unblocking the bottlenecks in business growth and consulting on appropriate initiatives.$24,000
Leading Weekly & Monthly Growth Reporting & Planning – proactive management of the project success$8,000
Creation of streamlined end-to-end holistic process that takes the cold audience to happy paying customer and the infrastructurePriceless
Total Value$175,000+

👥 What We’ll Need From You

  1. Information on your target market and business
  2. Collect case studies (recorded on Zoom using questions & SOP we provide)
  3. Take the new business development calls / meetings (booked by us). This may be an interview, a keynote presentation/workshop, or a discovery call.
  4. Feedback progress on sales to allow us to continuously improve marketing & support with sales enablement (ideally record these)
  5. Meet weekly to drive project forward and feed insights + any marketing and sales collateral that will help with the project success
  6. Short (<1min) voice notes to LinkedIn connections (using our script)

🔒 You will get access to a private two-way communication (Slack) channel with ongoing support and optimisation.

  • Double your investment in 12 months, or we’ll work for free until we do
  • Have someone else (us) do most of the work so you can stay in your zone of genius
  • Revitalise your high-ticket sales and client acquisition process, ensuring you stand out in a competitive market.
  • Onboard new clients
  • New sales assets for your business that will continue to convert well into the future without long sales calls
  • Turbocharge your sales and client acquisition

🎁 To guarantee results for our partners, we only work with 1 new partner per month and do not work with any competitors.

🏃 4 Week Sprint for Results!

Onboarding meeting:

  1. Introductions of team members
  2. Share overview of initial 3 month plan
  3. Get additional details required for launch.

Week 1-2

  1. Review current sales, marketing and product activities to learn your business – see if there’s any quick wins
  2. Start collecting case studies
  3. Collaborate on how we present the offer / value to increase profits
  4. Start preparing for launch – building you prospect database
  5. Set up all your email outreach tech and start warming emails.

Week 3

  1. Create campaigns for priority 1 prospects
  2. Write 5 x different campaigns to test market message resonance

Week 4

  1. Launch Campaigns outbound campaigns
  2. Review and optimise campaigns daily
  3. Start booking in new business development opportunities


Focus on improving high-ticket sales by optimising campaigns and collaborating on the sales process.

Monthly sprints of focus on key priorities to achieve short term milestone targets.

Weekly growth reporting and strategic consulting on business growth.

Option 1

  • Set-up & Initiation ($3,500)
  • $6,950 monthly x 12 months
  • 5% of New Revenue


Option 2

  • Set-up & Initiation ($3,500)
  • $4,950 monthly x 12 months
  • 7.5% of New Revenue
Overview of Value To You
  • Guarantee double investment in 12 months or we’ll work for free until you do.
  • 6-month break clause.
  • Zero ad spend!

Let’s break down option 1

ROI Projector Calculator

Additional Revenue GoalMy ShareYour Retained
New Revenue
$406,000[Fixed Fee] + [5% revenue share] of [new revenue from campaigns])[new revenue from campaigns] – [our fee]
$406,000$86,900 + $20,300 = $107,200$406,000 – $104,900 = $298,800 new revenue retained

At a minimum guarantee – double your investment or we work for free until you do

$86,900 + $18,000 (rev share) x 2 = $209,800 new revenue guaranteed (which gives you a minimum $104,900 retained revenue)

Let’s break down option 2

ROI Projector Calculator

Additional Revenue GoalMy ShareYour Retained
New Revenue
$406,000[Fixed fee] + [7.5% revenue share] of [new revenue from campaigns])[new revenue from campaigns] – [our fee]
$406,000$62,900 + $30,450 = $93,350$406,000 – $89,900 = $312,650 new revenue retained

At a minimum guarantee – double your investment or we work for free until you do

$62,900 + $27,000 (rev share) x 2 = $179,800 new revenue guaranteed (which gives you a minimum $89,900 retained revenue)

Frequently asked questions

We only onboard one new partner each month, ensuring personalised attention. We are highly selective to ensure we only work with business we KNOW we can achieve significant growth with.

Every strategy we deploy is backed by research, understanding of your niche, and proven marketing tactics.

I also invest in high-level mentorship from some of the best marketers in the industry.

We are replicating a tried-and-tested model that has had huge results across a lot of industries, and we are extremely confident that it will work! We invest in the partnership and make every effort to ensure its success.

That’s why we’re confident enough to guarantee the results.

We use a few methods.

1. We invest in the world’s most up-to-date lead databases.

These platforms provide access to extensive databases with filters to narrow down potential leads based on industry, company size, job title, geographic location, and more.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

We use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify potential leads. It offers advanced search capabilities and insights into your target audience.

3. Online Directories

We look for online directories and listings specific to the clients you are targeting. These can include professional association member lists, conference and summit attendee lists, and business directories.

4. Manual Internet Searches

This might seem time-consuming, but it’s incredibly effective for uncovering unique and high-quality leads that are often overlooked. We dive deep into niche markets, forums, social media platforms, and professional networks to find these ‘hidden gems’.

We immerse ourselves in understanding your brand, execute strategies, and work closely with you. While we handle the heavy lifting of marketing, we always collaborate to ensure the brand voice remains authentic.

In return for our expertise, we share in the success, aligning our goals with yours.

As long as necessary to achieve the desired results. We’re not just service providers; we’re partners. Your success is our success, and we are committed to ensuring every strategy amplifies your brand’s reach.

We collaborate closely until we’ve established a seamless lead-to-client conversion process.

Once the strategic partnership system is in place, our focus shifts to scaling, refining, and training you to ensure consistent growth and success.

Outreach is extremely effective for B2B sales. It’s low-cost, predictable, and hyper-targeted. Most people are simply doing it incorrectly. We have a 5% booked call rate from email outreach. Email is more effective than ever at generating new opportunities if you do it right.

Don’t get me wrong, there are great agencies out there. But we realised it for ourselves. The agency model is flawed. In order to grow we have to get more clients. So it’s a constant balancing act to deliver results and grow.

With the growth partner model, we’re incentivised to put more into your campaigns as we get a slice of the new revenue we bring in. Which means we don’t need to constantly bring on new clients and divert attention.

✔ Full-time activation from day 1, your success is our success!

✔ Campaign set up

✔ Sales letter creation

✔ All tech set-up including

✔ Database creation

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