Partnering With Health & Wellness Coaches

How To Scale Your Impact & Increase Revenue by $500k in 12 months Even In A crowded Market

…Without Sacrificing Your Authenticity

Our signature growth approach for health & wellness coaches goes beyond traditional marketing and blends heartfelt storytelling with data-driven educational content strategies, positioning you as an expert, establishing deep connections and driving sustained growth.

Zero Commitment. Infinite Possibilities.

Who is this for?

This isn’t for health & wellness coaches who are just starting out or those who haven’t achieved client success stories. Our signature approach thrives on genuine, transformative experiences, and without them, the strategy won’t resonate nearly as well. If you fall into this category, we recommend first concentrating on your program deliverables and client success.

  • This is for established health & wellness coaches aiming to multiply their impact and revenue.
  • If you’re a trailblazer in holistic health & wellness, keen to bring your transformative methods to more lives.
  • If you’ve mastered your craft, but feel you’ve yet to reach the audience size you deserve.
  • If your unique methodology is life-changing, yet lesser offerings are overshadowing you in the market.
  • If you’re considering branching out to new demographics but are unsure about the most effective route.
  • If sustainability and consistent client acquisition are concerns keeping you up at night.
  • If you’ve dabbled in marketing before, felt it didn’t resonate, and concluded that digital marketing isn’t your thing.
  • If you’re exasperated by a team that’s lagging behind your dynamic vision and want them aligned with growth-centric activities.
  • If you’ve had enough of marketing VAs and agencies that dazzle with words but falter in execution, costing you both money and time.
  • This is for those who believe in cultivating genuine, lasting relationships with their clients and want their marketing to reflect that authenticity.

Clients We’ve Partnered With

What Can You Look Forward To?

Because we know it’s the end results that matter!

📈 Elevated Impact and Revenue: A noticeable increase in revenue and profits within the first 3-4 months

🛠️ Streamlined Marketing Assets: Creat marketing and sales assets that not only boost growth but also minimise your direct involvement, allowing you to channel your energies where they matter most.

🗺️Optimised Growth Blueprint: An expansion plan that enhances cash flow, eliminating the pitfalls of trial and error, and draining investments.

💎 Enhanced Brand Value: Amplify your brand’s worth, ensuring you’re always seen as a top-tier choice in the health & wellness domain.

🎯 Precision Client Acquisition System: Deploy a system that not only identifies but also engages and converts your ideal clients into loyal, high-value fans.

🌟 Category of One Market Position: Secure a market stance where you’re no longer seen as just another option but as a unique solution, making competition with lesser services a thing of the past.

📈 Consistent Client Flow: Anticipate a consistent influx of new, qualified client opportunities month after month, starting as early as 3 months into our partnership.

How Do We Do It?

We’ve developed a transformative marketing framework exclusively for health & wellness coaches, ensuring that your authentic message resonates deeply with your target audience, while also driving significant growth in impact & revenue.


1. Vitality Diagnostic + Alignment

Build a highly-profitable offer that your dream prospects love

Move past generic marketing that often misses the mark and leaves potential conversions on the table. We’ll complete a methodical brand assessment and target market research including leveraging insights from client and potential client interviews to create a magnetic offer and sharpen your brand messaging.

This process eliminates wasted efforts, aligning your brand’s actions with the market’s heartbeat. We’ll help you to go from competing in a saturated market to a category of one. We’ll also help you to use these insights to optimise your solutions so they are both impactful and sought-after.


2. Conversion Catalyst

Elevate Your Sales Funnel with Compelling Videos & Copy

Ditch the one-size-fits-all sales funnels that lack authenticity and often fail to resonate with your audience. Our in-depth sales process analysis not only highlights opportunities for refinement and growth but infuses genuine connection into every touchpoint. Leveraging powerful video testimonials and persuasive copy, we transform lukewarm leads into devoted clients who genuinely feel seen and understood.

This approach optimises every interaction, ensuring your prospects transition smoothly through each stage of their journey with you. We’ll pivot from a generic sales funnel to a tailored and authentic conversion powerhouse. By centering genuine engagement at the heart of your funnel, we amplify client trust and cement your position as a trusted authority, naturally driving conversions.


3. Nourishing the Core

Design a Client-Centric Website That Drives Engagement

Abandon the typical, uninspiring website designs that neither reflect your brand’s essence nor cater to your audience’s real needs. We go beyond aesthetics; our approach dives deep into your brand’s DNA, ensuring your website isn’t just a digital space but a living extension of your mission.

With a blend of compelling copy and intuitive design, we create a client-centric platform that not only captures attention but fosters genuine engagement. Each element is purposefully crafted to guide visitors on a transformative journey, culminating in genuine trust and loyalty.

This strategic shift ensures that every digital interaction feels personal, warm, and aligned with your brand’s vision. The result? A digital home that goes from being just ‘one of many’ to an unforgettable beacon in your industry. Where clients feel genuinely catered to and understood from the very first click.


4. Nutrient Absorption Strategy

Create Content People Want To Absorb with SEO-driven content marketing infused with Authentic Client Case Studies

Escape the relentless treadmill of brainstorming content topics, only to end up with pieces that barely resonate. By harnessing the power of deep SEO market research infused with authentic client case studies, we design content that resonates deeply, answers real questions, and establishes genuine connections.

Then we’ll help you repurpose the content into bite-sized pieces, giving you a wealth of social media content that speaks directly to your customer’s needs. Move away from generic information dumps to strategic, curated content masterpieces. Create content that’s not just seen but felt, absorbed, and acted upon. Ensuring you’re not just another brand, but a trusted educator and guide in your field.


5. Amplifying the Good Bacteria

Boost Visibility Through Strategic Partnerships & Media Outreach

You’ve successfully captured an audience, but imagine reaching even more of those seeking your expertise. We’ll handpick opportunities that resonate with your brand’s purpose and audience. By leveraging podcast partnerships and newsletter sponsorship, we’ll amplify your influence quickly in a way that increases your sales too. Our link-building endeavors will also get you featured on high authority blogs specifically designed to skyrocket your visibility on Google.

It’s about transitioning from visible to omnipresence. Watch as a larger audience benefits from your wisdom, positioning you as the go-to beacon in health and wellness space.


6. Health Maintenance & Optimisation

Continuously Update & Optimise for Brand Longevity in the Digital World

By now you’ve carved out a niche, but the journey to brand excellence is ongoing. With our help, you’ll stay ahead of the curve, producing content that not only captivates but educates. Through ongoing outreach and the honing of digital strategies, we ensure your brand’s momentum never stallss.

It’s about moving from achievement to legacy. With sustained efforts and adaptability, ensure your brand becomes a timeless reference in the world of health and wellness.

What Our Clients Have Said

“We had 950+ sales – 3.7% conversion – this is at least double than previous SMA launches so the new marketing, workshop and sales page worked. $1m+ revenue”

Mark Duffield-Thomas


Our programs are selling more on “autopilot” than usual! Get Pregnant with Endo and The Waiting Game in particular 😄 Very excited to see that!”

Stefanie Valakas


Are You Ready to scale Your Revenue & Impact?

Frequently asked questions

We only onboard one new health and wellness coach each month, ensuring personalised attention. We back our strong vetting process to ensure we only work with coaches we are certain we can achieve significant growth with.

Every strategy we deploy is backed by research, understanding of your niche, and proven marketing tactics.

Our methods are adaptable, based on tried-and-true marketing principles, tailored for the health & wellness sector.

We’ve consistently seen success with our marketing approach, but we also evolve based on feedback.

Our commitment is unwavering, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee, showcasing our confidence in delivering results.

While the digital space is crowded, authentic and value-driven content always finds its audience. Most wellness content out there lacks depth, authenticity, or both. We specialise in crafting content that not only stands out but deeply resonates and educates.

Minimal yet meaningful collaboration:

➤ 0-2 months: Share insights about your existing clients, provide details about your coaching methods, and collaborate in crafting unique selling propositions.
➤ 3 months onwards: Regular check-ins to discuss results, feedback, and further strategize based on evolving market dynamics.

We immerse ourselves in understanding your brand, execute strategies, and work closely with your team. While we handle the heavy lifting of marketing, we always collaborate to ensure the brand voice remains authentic.
In return for our expertise, we share in the success, aligning our goals with yours.

Every moment needed to ensure your brand’s success. We’re not just service providers; we’re partners. Your success is our success, and we are committed to ensuring every strategy amplifies your brand’s reach.

We collaborate closely until we’ve established a seamless lead-to-client conversion process.

Once the system is in place, our focus shifts to scaling, refining, and training your team, ensuring consistent growth and success.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us with any questions and we’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.

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