Mad Creations Recipe Web Design


The Business

Mad Creations Hub is a Keto recipe + resources website run by the kickass Megan Ellam and her sidekick and husband Dave.

The Challenge

Megan came to us to completely redesign her existing website because the look didn’t match the exciting, delicious recipes she creates. It was also lacking important features that her users needed to be able to easily find recipes and cookbooks.

  • Ecommerce – Before we kicked off the project her website was sending people to her separate Shopify website to purchase cookbooks and ebooks. The e-commerce site was a separate domain, which was not good for SEO or consistency in the user experience.
  • Advanced recipe search filtering – They wanted people to be able to filter the recipes by course, main ingredients, diet so people could easily find a recipe on the fly.
  • Currency converter – Many of her users are from the US, or around the world, and she wanted them to be able to see her ebook

It also wasn’t showing off the quality of her recipes, so she wanted to ensure that people could see large, high-quality images for each recipe. She wanted a clean, simple but effective design, where the recipe images are the star of the show.

Ultimately she wanted to make the site very easy to use so people would keep coming back to the website for more recipes, and ebooks and cookbooks.

The Solution

We redesigned their website from the ground up, a nice, simple design that let the delicious recipe images do the talking, and we planned and implemented a filtering system and user experience that would ensure users could find the recipes they were looking for, as well as encouraging them to purchase her books.

Advanced Search Filters

We built a user experience that allowed them to quickly filter the recipes by meal course, diet, main ingredient, cuisine or meal preparation.

eCommerce web design with WooCommerce

We built her an online ecommerce store on the same domain using WordPress WooCommerce. With many features such as currency conversion,