Possibly The Coolest Part-Time Web Development Project Manager Job Ever

How ‘bout we skip right to the heart of  it? Our small business is completely virtual. Which means you get to work from home, with no pants on (but if you’re the right fit for us, you’ve been living that online life for a while now, and know all about the benefits of working from home!)

The work you do and the outcomes you get for fellow humans are extremely rewarding. I really believe in how we help entrepreneurs (especially eCommerce entrepreneurs) to achieve huge growth in their business. We create amazing websites that truly sell (you’ll be responsible for managing the building of these sites). We also attract people to those websites with SEO so you have access to a team who can get people there. 

Our small remote web agency is based in Australia with mostly Australian clients.

We’re looking for someone who fits in with our company’s core values:

  • Dedicated to growth – both personal growth and for our clients. 
  • Discovery – be interested, ask questions, and commit to lifelong learning.
  • Be resourceful and efficient – Do more with less. Take ownership of problems. Find a way.
  • Deliver Excellence through passion, hard work & consistency.
  • Prioritise human connection.
  • Be down to earth and level-headed, enjoy having fun, and be very friendly.
  • Be transparent and communicate clearly.

Honestly, the job is not all roses and puppy dogs – there is some good news and there is some bad news…

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first:

1/ The hours are weird. At first, we may have 10 hours a week, but some months during website launches it might be more like 20, and then as you start to get more familiar with our business and we’re growing thanks to your brilliant work it might grow to 20/week consistently. 

So, if you’re looking for something full-time to start, or want to squeeze out more work next to your other 5 clients, then this is no longer the “coolest” part time PM job ever, it just became pretty rubbish, and probably isn’t a good fit. 

I’m looking for someone who can join the team with these part-time hours, but feel like this is their full-time home.

2/ Review point 1.


1/ Our office is virtual …which means you can wear yoga pants, or pyjamas, or a costume. A little bit of bad news though, you will need to wear something “respectable” for client meetings.

You’re probably already used to this as someone who’s been around the block in the online world, but it’s still worth mentioning!

2/The work is fun, fresh and dynamic. You will be working directly for our founder (Me) and will be in direct contact with our clients.  

You’ll be helping me put in place a strong process for project management and client support. I love coming up with clever ideas for this, but I suck at mapping out a plan and making them happen — that’s where you come in! 

In my dream world I have an outcome in mind for a particular project, or for the project process, and you use your magic to make it happen (without me micromanaging the whole thing, because that’s NOT fun for either of us)

3. I’m not big on stress. So, while I will expect you to work efficiently and get things done, I focus on open communication and getting things done right the first go around. I’m not big on double-checking your work or having a bunch of back and forths just to get a task done – plus I’m not an expert in most of the tasks you will be doing, which is why I need you to take charge and get it done the best way you know how!

4. The hours are pretty flexible. I will work with your schedule to get a routine that works for you. Although part of your role will be to have a weekly meeting with clients while we’re building their websites. So you’ll need to be able to schedule those in at a time that also works with the client. We usually work on 3-5 web development projects at a time. Which would mean 3 to 5 meetings a week (usually 30-45min). Once you’re on board we expect the number of projects we work on at the same time to grow, or at least finish a lot quicker. 

5. You will experience things, do things, and make decisions on things that no typical PM job would allow you to do. You will be able to dictate the work that you do and help guide the direction of the strategy of this part of the business.

6. You’ll have a ton autonomy + the opportunity to bring your ideas to the table and boss me around when you need me to get things done. Seriously — I want you to take charge!

7. You don’t have to run your own business! Maybe you’ve been around that block, and it wasn’t for you. Now you can have all the benefits of supporting people to grow their businesses online without all the headaches + expenses of actually building your own empire. It’s like the best of both worlds! You don’t want the pressures of marketing + growing your own business (way too hard), but you do enjoy being an integral part of helping other entrepreneurs grow.

**Now, let’s talk about the job requirements:**

  1. You need to be the type of person who gets joy out of getting things done. Every day, you will bang out a list of stuff. Fun stuff. Important stuff. Necessary stuff. You love lists, and managing projects, and checking things off diligently…and maybe you’re even one of those people who writes things onto the list just so you can check it off. That’s great, I love people like you!
  2. You like being on the computer a lot, and have a solid understanding of websites, online marketing + business strategy, and how they all fit together – and you geek out on all of it. If you think a funnel is for pouring liquids, this job probably isn’t for you.
  3. You will oversee the progress of several web design projects, from beginning through to launch.  You will act as the primary point of contact for all client correspondence. You will ensure that all revisions, notes and suggestions get to the appropriate designer/developer.  A strong understanding of SEO, design principles, and web development is preferred.  
  4. You will be emailing + messaging with customers + the team, as well as doing video calls with clients. So, you need to enjoy talking with people and giving/getting direction, and be able to do it with love + empathy…even if you’re having a shit day.
  5. You need to be a person who loves to deliver remarkable experiences to other people. You are kinda anal about giving amazing customer experiences and love making people feel heard, understood, and helped. You need to be someone who feels good by making other people feel good.
  6. You need to nail down the details. You don’t need to race through work and get things done half-assed (I’ve figured that one out myself). I need you to have an eye for the bigger picture + how things fit together and be able to nail the details that match and get them done right. And you’ll be able to create an amazing brief for each team member’s role.
  7. You need to be able to think strategically and bring ideas to the table of opportunities to ensure that each project is successful. And then you need to be able to map out, and execute those ideas alongside the team. Anything that you see we can be doing better that will help us build websites efficiently, have at it!
  8. You love to organize things that may feel currently chaotic (aka our Google Drive and our ‘Teamwork Projects’ project management tool) and make them work way better than I ever could have myself. And you work well when given an outcome, a good Spotify playlist, and uninterrupted space.
  9. You’re a bit of a ninja at managing a project, understanding the details, moving things forward, executing tasks + delegating effectively along the way to bring client’s ideas to life. You never miss a beat when it comes to a to-do list.
  10. You’re a natural-born-problem-solver. You think logically and creatively about how you can get past roadblocks that are preventing the project from moving forward. And you can articulate your ideas to the people who need to implement them. . 
  11. Preferably you’ll know your way around WordPress & WooCommerce and a lot of the plugins that are used to achieve the right outcomes.  

In short, your job is to help us in any way you can drive our mission forward + continue to free me up from project questions, decisions, and the things I don’t need to be involved in.

And to have fun at work.

But what I don’t expect is perfection for you to qualify for this job. Tools are teachable, but I do expect you have a solid understanding of the online business world and websites. I want you to get excited about diving into strategy for someone else’s business. I expect intelligence, energy, organisation, resourcefulness and a get it done attitude.


  • Use project management software (Teamwork Projects) to keep projects + initiatives moving forward and on time. 
  • We currently use more of a Waterfall project management style. So ideally you’re well-versed in that sort of project management.
  • Make plans and delegate them effectively to a small team – copywriter, designer and developers. You’ll be responsible for making sure I’m on track too, so you must be comfortable taking charge + delegating up!
  • Tracking metrics and project budget (how are our websites working after launch? Any leaks? What is Google Analytics saying?) + making data-driven recommendations + decisions on how to move their business forward.
  • Analysing potential risks
  • Respond to clients + potential clients and get their questions answered!
  • Come up with creative ways to make our projects run more efficiently, and with more accuracy (No missed client requests.)
  • Create ideas + plans for how to leverage what I have already created, more strategically.
  • Jump in where needed… you’re a jack of all trades 

If this is a job that gets you so excited that you would even do it for free, I would accept that offer from you. But if you prefer payment (I prefer getting paid as well) this is what I can offer:

– This is a part time job.

– The hours will be 10-25 a week.

– I’d prefer someone who is in Australia

In addition to being a detailed person, you must follow systems and processes. In fact, just to prove that you are detail-oriented and can follow procedures, when you apply for this position in the top of your application you must include {I have found my kinda people} in the subject line. Yep, that’s our little trick to sort out the people who blanket send their resume to anyone and everyone, from the folks (that’s you) who are truly interested in this position.

I’m looking to bring our new team member on board as soon as possible, but I will spend the necessary time to find the best fit both in abilities and culturally. One thing that will give you a BIG leg up (but is optional) is to send a quick Loom video in along with your resume. 

In your video tell me why you think you’re perfect for this job and why you will rock this position.

This is purely for me to get a sense of your personality. And if you decide not to send a video (that’s ok), please tell me why you chose not to send in a video.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Praise From Our Clients

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