About Us

Static Shift – Growth Partner for B2B Consultants & professional services businesses

It’s no secret that a new digital agency appears in the world every day. But we’re not new (We’ve been in this game for over 12 years). And we’re not a digital agency. We’re a growth partner.

We’re a small team of 8 headed by marketing strategist & sales funnel expert…Me.

I have a Bachelor of Business (Double major in Entrepreneurship & Business Economics) where I was invited into the Golden Key Honours Society for academic excellence. So I came into the online marketing world with a business growth focus.

As a 20 year old uni student I was already raring to help entrepreneurs be better entrepreneurs with the knowledge I was soaking up, so I started my first business venture – a digital magazine for entrepreneurial advice.

I taught myself to build the website from scratch (with Google’s help), and pushed it to rank first on Google for “entrepreneur advice”. People quickly got word that I could build websites and get them ranked at the top of Google. So they started paying me to build theirs.

Before I knew it, my side-hustle had evolved into a full-blown digital agency and in 2011 I went full time into my second business, Static Shift.

Since then I’ve worked closely with over 250+ entrepreneurs like Denise Duffield-Thomas & Angela Henderson to help them grow and scale online through cold outreach, sales funnels, copywriting, websites and organic search traffic.

That’s all done-for-you solutions, not group coaching. We’ve created course sales pages that have brought in multiple 7-figures in a single launch. We’ve helped businesses grow to multiple 6-figures of organic online revenue from SEO traffic alone. We’ve uncovered bottlenecks in funnels that have taken a broken funnel from 0 to $10k in less than 3 weeks.

But still I felt like something wasn’t working. I was doing too much, losing sleep, and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. And I saw other agency owners all around me feeling the same.

It became very obvious when my mentor pointed out there was a couple of major flaws in the standard agency model that were holding my business growth back…and my clients.

  1. To grow you have to bring on more and more clients and there’s no incentive to work with a small handful of clients.
  2. There’s a word that’s used in the agency world “Productise” – to deliver at scale you have to be able to templatise your services – making it easier to streamline your team’s workflows. But to do that you have to fit clients inside your box (I’m sure you’d agree you don’t fit in a box).
  3. Often clients pick and choose a service. e.g. SEO. Which was fine. We’d build up traffic and we’d drive a lot of traffic and enquiries, but if they didn’t have us looking after their sales funnel or sales process upstream we had no control over how well that was working, and we found that traffic wasn’t making half (in some cases less than a quarter) of the money it could be.

So we’ve adapted. We’ve built a 4-step client acquisition system and decided to only partner with a handful of clients on a much closer level in a way that makes sense for us and our client’s growth.

We’re Growth Partners.

My commitment to the success of My Business and yours

I’m only happy when I’m continuously learning and improving. That’s I’m in a high-level sales & marketing Mastermind where I surround myself with some of the best minds in sales & marketing.

  1. Weekly meeting to gain insights on new strategies to improve results for you and overcome challenges – campaign not producing results.
  2. Constantly learning and testing with community of leaders to stay ahead of a competitive market for targeted outreach and sales process improvement.
  3. Continuous development in business growth and outside of the box solutions.