A Passion For Helping Travel & Tourism Businesses Grow

I’m Karl Thew, the founder of Static Shift. An avid traveler with a Business Degree and a passion for helping businesses grow using the internet. When I combine these passions by working on web projects for travel and tourism websites my enthusiasm and the results accelerate.

Over the past 5+ years I’ve handpicked our brilliant team of internet and marketing geeks from around the globe. We’re a small team of web developers, web designers, SEO experts and copywriters, who are all truly passionate about what we do. We hire highly-skilled, and (more importantly) dedicated people with a great attitude and a thirst to be the best. People that push industry boundaries so that your business doesn’t get lost in the wilderness.

A Digital Agency Built On Integrity & Trust

At Static Shift we believe in integrity and trust. We thrive on our relationships with our clients. That all begins with being knowledgeable, approachable and transparent. We do what we say, when we say, and we do it well!

We only recommend something if we wholeheartedly believe that it will be good for your business. You don’t have to worry about us trying to sell you something that you won’t truly benefit from – Word-of-mouth is our greatest source of leads.

We’re Not Your Typical Computer Geeks

We speak human, not code! Ok, we’ll admit, we speak code too – but when we’re talking to you we understand you don’t want to hear all the jargon. We give it to you straight and make sure we’re all on the same page.

Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you although we work extremely hard, we believe that taking things too serious limits our creativity. We believe in enjoying ourselves and working in an environment from which creativity can grow. It makes building relationships with our clients much easier too!

We Help You To Grow Your Business

The internet age has given businesses a huge opportunity for leverage – allowing smaller businesses to compete against the giants more than ever before.

At Static Shift we understand the internet and we know how to use the internet to build your business – whether you’re an online-only business or a bricks and mortar wanting to increase their reach!

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, get started with us by clicking on the button below for a obligation-free quote and let’s start building a relationship where we’re all winners.

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Recent Web Design Projects

A few web design projects that we've completed for our happy clients recently!

Praise From The Clients We've Worked With

Don't just take our word for it!

Redeveloping our custom, responsive website has been a smooth, reliable and successful venture working with Karl at Static Shift Digital. The communication from Karl and Karen was regular, detailed and clear. The resulting website meets all expectations. The website is running smoothly and much more efficiently than our previous design and is a lot easier on our server resources. Karl has a can do attitude, which means that all custom changes that we wanted were implemented to achieve the result we were looking for. We would definitely recommend using Static Shift Digital.

Tanya Burgess Baby Hints & Tips - Australia-wide

Thank you very much for all your work, and for coming in under budget – very impressed! All your help has paid off and the proof is in the pudding. I know page ranking matters etc etc but for me, what matters are the $$$’s coming through and as you can see from the attached, they are definitely on the improve. It was very stressful there for a couple of weeks, but definitely getting back on track and looking to whip some ass!

Heidi Howe Blame The Baby - Tasmania

I’ve been playing around with websites and SEO for about 2 years, and have tried to get people to help me in the past, and they either haven’t been much help, or they haven’t done what I thought they’d do and I’ve wasted money. It has driven me nuts to be honest, and that’s why I’ve spent the last nearly 12 months doing things myself, because I got to the point I couldn’t trust anyone or else I never heard from them again. Finding you and Dana has been like a life line for me!

Jane Wardle Eat Out With Kids - Australia-wide

As my hubbie is a webmaster and I must say a bloody good one at that…I can confidently say the site is excellent…even he reckons it’s fabulous and he is a critical bugger!

Peter Power St Helens Chamber Of Commerce - Tasmania

I got everything that I expected and much much more! My subscriptions to the page have increased by 400%, my SEO is always increasing and the feedback that I receive from current clients and new clients is nothing but exceptional!

Adam Murphy Adam Murphy (Keynote Speaker) - Adelaide

I love it!!! You were absolutely right…it makes the old one look like a stick drawing in comparison. Fabulous job!!! The website is working a treat. I have had several inquires in the last few day as well as a couple of bookings.

Catherine Douglas-Irving Bond Clean Aust - Queensland

One of the first things I personally liked most was the quick response. Within a day we were offered a proposal and quote and we were impressed with the offer. It seemed to cover all the bases and at a really good price. Following our decision to accept, the team got straight to work; their patience with our indecision about how we wanted the site to look was very appreciated, Karl often giving great advice on making the site as professional as possible. We are very grateful to have come across Static Shift Digital, the team’s ongoing help and support has been fantastic, they are always quick to respond with any concerns or queries. We are now looking forward to some much needed SEO assistance that they also offer. Thanks Karl and the team for your ongoing support you really have been great!

Petra Johnson Hooked On Bamboo - Queensland