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How often do you look past the first page of the search engine results? If you’re like the rest of the world, it’s once in a blue moon.  So if you can’t be seen in the search engines for quality keywords you’re probably missing out on a big piece of the pie.

If you want that piece of pie, the team at Static Shift Digital has all aspects of search engine optimisation covered – keyword research and strategy, content creation, quality link building and even the most hardcore technical aspects of SEO (the things that only us nerds can get excited about)

Highly-Targeted Visitors

Getting better rankings and more visitors to your website is one thing, but if they don’t actually follow through with your goals it’s a waste of everybody’s time. So we research and analyse your target market to work out what keywords your ideal customers are searching for – The ones who have their wallet in their hand, ready to part with their hard earned cash.

Once we decide on the people to target, we develop a strategy to get your content in front of them. By optimising your website for these visitors we’ll attract traffic that will help your business to grow rather than wasting your time being in front of the wrong crowd!

A Full Service SEO Company

SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. Anyone that tries to sell you on a generic package is doing it wrong. We put a lot of time and effort into the discovery process. By interviewing you, researching and analysing your business, and your industry in order, we’re able to put together a strategy that will provide the best results within your budget.

To get a basic overview of what SEO involves, check out our introduction to SEO.

We have built a team of SEO experts which allows us to offer all of the vital SEO services below:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Most clients have their own ideas what people might search for when they’re looking for their service or product…but that’s just the beginning. We can never assume anything. Often the main keywords are highly competitive, and the traffic may not be as qualified as it could be.

The aim of our SEO services is to get you more revenue, and the first and most important step in the process is comprehensive keyword research. Our research allows us to choose the best target keywords by breaking down each queries into three primary questions – How many people search for that query? How fierce is the competition for that query? Is the user likely to be at the buy-in stage of searching? Of course, the ultimate goal is to find keywords that attract highly qualified traffic, with high search volume and minimal competition.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Most keywords will be already dominated by a few companies, who are currently capturing your potential customers. Just as businesses benefit from doing in the offline business world, we analyse the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in their online presence. This can be a very rewarding exercise, allowing us to uncover opportunities for you to get ahead of them as well as threats that you need to be aware of.

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Here we pull together all the research and analysis we’ve gathered and put together an SEO plan to get your website seen. This includes things such as recommended content & features for your site, a checklist of SEO best practices to optimise your site. We then plan a prioritised to-do list based on tackling all the urgent problems and quick-fix solutions first. Then we move on to the other solutions based on which will achieve the best long term results.

On-Site Optimisation

On-Site Optimisation

After we’ve completed the SEO, we optimise your website specifically for your target keywords. This includes adjusting title tags, meta tags, headings, content, site architecture & navigation, internal linking with anchor text, page urls, and building a sitemap. We also optimise the page speed to ensure loading times are as quick as possible. All of these things are about making your website as SEO friendly as possible.

Content Creation

Content Creation

The point of search engines is to provide users with the best answer for the questions or services they’re searching for. This is why they’ve worked hard to ensure their algorithms are able to analyse content and reward the quality stuff. More important is ensuring that this content pleases your readers.

We help you to create great content – whether it’s service page sales copy, product descriptions, or content assets which help to attract natural links like in-depth blog articles & infographics.

Influencer Outreach & Link Earning

Influencer Outreach & Linkbuilding

Link-building is no longer about going out and getting as many links to your site as possible (and it never should have been). Search engines wants to see quality, authority websites linking to you naturally, because they actually believe that your products, services or information will benefit their visitors. So it’s mostly about working on your own business, to make people want to link to you. Then we reach out to influencers in the industry just to make them aware of what you’re offering, so that they can share it with their readers. When promoting your business, there’s nothing better than having people on your side that have influence over your target market (Think about why big sports brands sponsor well-known athletes). Our job is to find the online influencers in your market, and convincing them that your business is worth sharing with their followers.

Turn Those Visitors Into Customers

There’s no point getting all that targeted traffic to your website if the website isn’t doing its job! It’s a necessary step of the process that you put plenty of work into your website design and layout too. A good website needs to be strategically designed and laid out to help to influence your visitors decisions, encouraging them to take actions in line with your business goals.

An untidy website can repel even the keenest visitors. If your website isn’t beautiful with a customer conversion focus you need to change that quickly. Check out our web design services to see how we can turn your visitors into your customers.

Get The Missing Piece Of The Pie

If your website isn’t a key source of leads and customers, you’re missing a big piece of the pie. The next best time to start is today so don’t keep holding off and letting your potential customers go straight through your hands!

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Praise From The Clients We've Worked With

Don't just take our word for it!

Working with Static Shift has been a great experience, through the research & development phase they really took on our business as a whole and looked to understand not only our customers, our company and our business goals but also a thorough insight into the niche industry we work in. Karl’s genuine interest in the detail translated through to the design and development and now we are loving the results. After launching our new website with Static Shift last year our organic search traffic is up 58% and enquiries 77%. This has resulted in increased net profit of over 30% and really improved our user experience as well as company growth overall. Karl knows his stuff online, and from a business perspective not only do we have more sales enquiries but the quality of our enquiries has improved as well. We continue to work with Static Shift on our SEO program and are really grateful for the partnership. They are responsive and professional and the fact that they offer web design and development with a whole business approach, is such a bonus.

Emily & Justin O'Neill Bali Family Villas

Just want to thank you and your team sooo much again for all your hard work and support in building our online ticketing system. It’s so different for me not feeling stressed about ticketing issues this year and it’s so much easier for the customers to use, and us to manage, so you really have done an amazing job! Also for keeping up the communication, I really appreciate it!

Miriam Cuffe Abbey Medieval Festival

We didn’t like sending people to a separate website to book our tours. The integration of the Rezdy booking system into our web design has been awesome!  

Dessray Colledge Brisbane Whale Watching

Redeveloping our custom, responsive website has been a smooth, reliable and successful venture working with Karl at Static Shift. The communication from Karl and Karen was regular, detailed and clear. The resulting website meets all expectations. The website is running smoothly and much more efficiently than our previous design and is a lot easier on our server resources (which was a big problem with our level of traffic). Karl has a can do attitude, which means that all custom changes that we wanted were implemented to achieve the result we were looking for. We would definitely recommend using Static Shift.

Tanya Burgess Baby Hints & Tips - Australia-wide

As my hubbie is a webmaster and I must say a bloody good one at that…I can confidently say the site is excellent…even he reckons it’s fabulous and he is a critical bugger!

Peter Power St Helens Chamber Of Commerce - Tasmania

I got everything that I expected and much much more! My subscriptions to the page have increased by 400%, my SEO is always increasing and the feedback that I receive from current clients and new clients is nothing but exceptional!

Adam Murphy Adam Murphy (Keynote Speaker) - Adelaide

The team got straight to work; their patience with our indecision about how we wanted the site to look was very appreciated, Karl often giving great advice on making the site as professional as possible. We are very grateful to have come across Static Shift, the team’s ongoing help and support has been fantastic, they are always quick to respond with any concerns or queries. Thanks Karl and the team for your ongoing support, you really have been great!

Petra Johnson Hooked On Bamboo - Queensland