Building Authority Online – The Long-Term Link Building Strategy

A Link Building Strategy for Building Authority Online

Don’t be fooled into paying a cheap SEO company for an inferior link-building service where the link building strategy consists only of spamming the internet with links wherever they can get them.

The widespread abuse of low value Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and poor quality backlinking practices has finally caught up with website owners who believed their good fortune was likely to last forever. In reality, the writing had been on the wall for thousands of websites for a long time. Churn milk for long enough, and the cream will inevitably float to the top.

While many may not be happy about it, Google’s recent updates have started to weed out a lot of the spammers. Of course, that’s not you though is it! What you need is a solid long-term link building strategy that won’t be crushed by the next Google Update, or the one after that. It’s about building your authority online so that you can be recognised as a figure of knowledge. Place yourself as an expert in your chosen field and get yourself and your business in front of as many people as you possibly can.

It may not be the quickest link building strategy, but it’s the one that will get you to the top and keep you there. Why? Because it’s the way to create natural backlinks…just what the doctor ordered.

The New Challenge of Building Authority Online

Those with a genuine passion for marketing themselves and their business will embrace the changes in the search engines. Today, the smart ones are rethinking SEO in an entirely different way. They’re showing off their expertise by creating high quality content that their readers love.

Of course creating good content isn’t enough to bring traffic and links in. You need the content to be found. You need to follow consistent quality content up by promoting yourself, your business and your awesome ideas through social media, blogs, forums and the like.

So how do you go about building authority online? You need to have a natural link building strategy mapped out! Here’s a few quick pointers to get you on your way to the top:

  1. Nothing is going to make or break your website as quickly as the content that’s on it. Make sure your business has a blog and update it regularly with well-written & informative content.
  2. Be fun, be interesting and, most importantly, be yourself. Add your own style to everything you write or, if you can’t do it hire a good writer that can. But be sure to employ somebody who can meet the exact style that your website needs.
  3. Kick-start your link building strategy by regularly visiting high profile blogs and forums related to your own products and services. Make informed and considered comments on a regular basis, and avoid using generic or uninspired comments. This is a way to show the world that you really know your onions, a great way to start building authority online, and sometimes a means of creating valuable backlinks to your website.
  4. I know it may sound strange, but you should never confine great content strictly to your own website. Guest posting (writing articles for other websites) to high profile blogs is an essential part of a long-term link building strategy. Guest posting, if done right, can kill a few birds with one stone – You get your name and business in front of a large audience, helping to build your authority, you usually get a high authority backlink to your website in your author profile (which the search engines will love), and to top it off you should also get plenty of visitors who like your article clicking through to your site and checking out your other content.
  5. If you can encourage comments, endorsements and approval from leaders within your own industry, building authority online becomes much easier. Use social media as a means of networking with influential figures within your chosen field. Tag your peers regularly on popular resources such as Facebook and Twitter. Try to make them like you by being fun and including plenty of solid information and value in your tweets and status updates.
  6. Choose your content carefully and look for opportunities to pose questions directed at key figures within your industry. Incorporate their quotes into your writing and let them know that you’ve written about them. Everybody likes reading nice things about themselves and if your article is good enough they might even share it with their own networks. These will be your powerful links.
  7. If one of your articles has the capacity to help the readers of other high quality websites, use it as a means of building authority online. Contact webmasters and explain why your content is relevant to their visitors. If a webmaster likes your work and links back to it, your link building strategy will be even more effective.

Once you’ve built up your authority online you will be recognised by masses of people, and by the almighty search engines. That’s how you win in the long-term!


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September 21, 2012 7:30 am

Totally dude 😉

Janet Reid
Janet Reid
September 21, 2012 8:18 am

Great article Karl! I will definitely share it with my friends.

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