As the founder of an evergreen funnel-building agency I may be a bit biased, but I truly believe if you want consistent passive income, mastering the art and science of the evergreen funnel is a pretty good path to success.

Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs try and fail because they’re missing one or two (often more) key elements of a high-converting evergreen funnel.

Don’t let that be you!

This comprehensive guide will teach you what you need to know to build and optimise an evergreen funnel that can help you generate consistent revenue on autopilot. 

We’ll explore lead magnets, nurture sequences, webinars, sales pages, urgency tactics, traffic sources, and promotional strategies, all with an emphasis on in-depth research and best practices.

Introduction to Evergreen Funnels

Before diving into the step-by-step guide, let’s take a moment to understand the concept of an evergreen funnel. 

An “evergreen funnel” is a marketing system that automatically generates leads, nurtures prospects, and converts them into customers through a series of automated processes.

The term “evergreen” refers to the fact that this system operates continuously 24/7, 365 days a year and isn’t dependent on seasonal or time-sensitive promotions. (Although we’d recommend you consider turning off your evergreen funnel for a bit before and after if you’re doing a live launch of your program, to make sure people don’t get confused about which to join.)

So, unlike traditional sales funnels that rely on live launches or time-sensitive campaigns, evergreen funnels offer a product or service continuously to new leads, creating a consistent revenue stream. 

These funnels are automated, which means they require minimal effort and oversight once set up.

The beauty of an evergreen funnel lies in its scalability and potential to generate passive income. 

As long as you have a consistent flow of high-quality leads entering your funnel, you can focus on other aspects of your business while your evergreen funnel does the heavy lifting.

Benefits of Evergreen Funnels

Consistent revenue

Unlike live launches, an evergreen funnel generates consistent revenue by continuously attracting and converting new leads. This provides a stable income stream, making it easier to plan and invest in business growth.


One of the biggest advantages of evergreen funnels is their scalability. Aside from higher ticket items, most of the lead pipeline process is automated, so you can easily handle a large number of leads without additional team members.


Automation is at the core of evergreen funnels. Once set up, the system runs on autopilot, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. This saves time and effort, while also reducing the risk of human error.

However, that’s not to say that it should be “set and forget”. As I discuss later in this article, it’s important to keep an eye on your numbers to ensure that it’s working well, and identify opportunities for optimisation and improvement.


Although automated, evergreen funnels can fairly easily be personalised to target specific audience segments, providing a tailored experience for each prospect. This increases the likelihood of conversions and creates a more meaningful customer journey.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Evergreen Funnel

So now that we know the what and why. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to build a successful evergreen funnel.

Step 1 – A very strong (funnel-friendly) offer

We’ve seen dozens of course creators struggle to keep growing after they hit 6-figures. And we find most of them have 80% of the right ingredients for success (they’re extremely passionate about helping people, they created an amazing course, they get results for their clients, they have funnels set up etc)

But when I ask them what their core offer is they stumble and stutter. And the problem is, a strong offer is the 20% of the puzzle that gets 80% of the results. You have to get this part right, and every other piece of the puzzle will be a million times easier.

When we build funnels for our clients to help them scale past 6-figures the offer is always the first piece we look at.

So what does a strong offer look like?

👉 Valuable – In his book $100M Offers, Alex Hormozi presents a simple, but brilliant equation for value (do yourself a favour and read it if you haven’t yet):

To increase the value of your offer do 4 things:

  • increase the dream outcome that you’re promising (solve a problem worth
  • increase the perceived likelihood of achieving that outcome with your
  • decrease the time it takes and to achieve that dream outcome.
  • decrease the amount of effort and sacrifice they need to achieve it.

👉 External and measurable – For the majority of markets, your clients are
searching for a solution to an external problem like how to lose weight, how to
make more money, how to eliminate your endometriosis symptoms, how to quit

Usually you have to help them with an internal roadblock such as their limiting
beliefs and negative self-talk to achieve that result.

But that’s not what the customer is searching for (unless you’re targeting a very
self-aware customer), so usually your offer needs to focus on the external

👉 Unique – if they’ve heard it before 20 times, they’re going to be blind to it.
You need to have something unique about your offer that makes them choose
you over the competition.

👉 Pricing – You want to make sure that the price reflects the value they’ll
receive and that it makes sense for your ideal customer. When it comes to
pricing your offer, it’s important to think about who your ideal customers are. If
you’re targeting people who value quality and sophistication, pricing it too low
will actually put them off, as they doubt that it’s valuable.

So, take the time to research your target market and their spending habits, and
make sure your pricing strategy aligns with their values and budget. Note that if
you create a truly strong, valuable offer, you can usually price it higher than
your competitors.

Note that the pricing should also dictate the funnel. It’s a topic for another
ebook. But as a very general rule of thumb we’d suggest:

  • Under $200 can be sold with a simple downloadable lead magnet., then
    nurture sequence to a sales page.
  • Anything between $200 – $2,000 you might want to add a video training, such as a webinar/workshop before sending them to a sales page. So they have built more know, like, trust before putting your offer in front of them.
  • Over $2,000 is usually best sold using an application funnel. To conclude Step 1, because It’s worth repeating…if you create a really strong offer following those steps, every step of the marketing and sales process becomes a heck of a lot easier.

Step 2: Create an Irresistible (Evergreen-Friendly) Lead Magnet

As you probably already know, unless you have a super strong guarantee, you don’t want to lead with the main offer before customers have had a chance to get to know, like and trust you.

You need to get your foot in the door first, show some immediate value and build up the know, like, trust factor.

Usually, you’d do this with a freebie like an ebook, checklist, workbook or workshop, or a low cost (e.g. $27) entry product, like a mini-course, workshop, or ebook.

Most course creators do have a foot-in-the-door strategy, but we see so many of them who get it very wrong. Not because they aren’t providing value. More often because they’re providing too much value. Or not the right value.

There are a few rules we like to follow when creating lead magnets:

👉 Quick & easy to digest – it still has to be valuable, but it should be something they can get through quickly or they’re going to be too focused on implementing that, and they won’t take you up on your big offer.

👉 Strategic – it has to be attractive to the same people who are most likely to take up your offer, or you could end up with lots of leads, but no conversions. It should also be relevant to your offer, e.g. it could be 1 step in your 10 step process. Or a high-level overview without going into the detail on how to do each one.

👉 Don’t completely solve their problem – don’t give away too much or they’ll feel like they don’t need the course you’re about to sell them.

👉 Hint at what your secret sauce is – make sure you get them curious about what you do that’s different to everyone else. The secret sauce that means you get consistent results unlike the rest of your competition.

Step 3: Build know, like, trust with a nurture sequence

A nurture sequence is a carefully crafted series of emails designed to quickly build trust, establish a connection, and warm up potential customers (which is super important for selling anything). to guide them towards making a purchase.

A strong nurture sequence after you have your foot in the door is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate by a huge margin. Don’t rely on trying to sell right off the bat when you don’t have much know, like, trust built up unless it’s a very low price product.

You’d usually want around 30 days of emails with emails every day for the first 7-14 days, and every 2 days from day 15 onwards.

There are 4 content types you should aim to use in rotation:

📖 Story / Connection: Share your personal experiences and insights to build a genuine connection with your leads. Take them behind the scenes of your business, share your challenges, and celebrate your successes.

🎓 Value / Education: Become a trusted expert by sharing helpful hints, ideas, and tools that people can use to make their lives better or fix their issues.

🌟 Results / Inspiration: Showcase testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service. Highlight the transformations they’ve experienced and the obstacles they’ve overcome.

❓ Objection-busting: Address common objections and concerns that potential customers may have about purchasing your product or service. Offer solutions and reassurances to help them see that their objections are irrelevant, and your offer is the right choice for them.

Step 4: Develop an Evergreen Webinar or Masterclass  (Optional but recommended for a lot of course creators)

Webinar funnels are probably our favourite evergreen funnels for course creators. They’re a great way to educate the lead and building know, like and trust on automation. And they convert really well!

There are a few keys to making an evergreen webinar that converts:

Craft a compelling title: Your webinar title should be clear, concise, and specific. Avoid being vague about the benefits attendees will receive from your webinar.

Understand the differences between live and evergreen webinars: While live webinars can rely on real-time interaction and engagement, You don’t have this luxury with evergreen webinars. So they need to be a bit more streamlined and polished.

If you’re converting a live webinar to evergreen remove any references to live events and no  “let me know in the chat., and focus on delivering a concise and engaging presentation.

Introduce your special offer before the 43-minute mark: Research suggests that many attendees start to leave an automated webinar by this point, so be sure to present your special offer before they’re gone!

Create urgency with time-limited offers: Encourage your webinar attendees to act quickly by offering limited-time bonuses or discounts that are only available for a short period after the webinar. Because procrastination is the enemy of conversions. See Step 5 below for more on urgency.

Step 5: Craft a High-Impact Sales Page

A high-converting sales page is essential for closing the deal and turning leads into customers. Your sales page should address the following key elements:

Grab attention: Start by capturing your audience’s attention and clearly outlining the outcome of your offering.

Connect with pain points: Empathise with your audience’s frustrations and demonstrate that you understand their challenges.

Showcase the transformation: Paint a vivid picture of the positive changes your product or service can bring to your audience’s lives.

Provide course details: Offer a detailed breakdown of your product or service, outlining the features and benefits that will appeal to detail-focused buyers.

Add bonuses: Include valuable bonuses that complement your main offering, making it even more appealing to potential customers.

Build trust with social proof: Feature testimonials, case studies, and logos of clients or associations to demonstrate the credibility and effectiveness of your product or service.

Introduce yourself: Explain your background and expertise, highlighting why you’re the right person to guide your audience through this transformation.

Address objections and questions: Tackle common concerns and questions head-on, and include a comprehensive FAQ section to provide additional information.

Offer guarantees: Minimise perceived risk by offering guarantees or refund policies, making it easier for potential customers to commit to the purchase.

Create urgency: Encourage quick action by incorporating time-sensitive discounts, limited-time bonuses, or a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency. 

Step 6: Establish Real Urgency with Bonuses and/or Discounts

Urgency is a powerful motivator that can significantly increase conversion rates. 

It’s no secret that people make decisions faster when there’s time pressure. How many times has “I’ll do that tomorrow” turned into never?

People either want what you’re selling or they don’t. Let’s help them make that decision faster.

With live launches creating urgency is easy because there’s a real deadline, and there’s FOMO because they don’t know when it’ll become available again.

With evergreen, there’s less engagement, so we need to create more excitement. We need to make it more desirable to take action.

Let’s not pretend we’re going to take the course away in 2 days if they can download the lead magnet again and sign up to the course a week later (or find it on your website straight away).

By offering time-sensitive bonuses or discounts, you can encourage potential customers to make a purchase sooner rather than later. To create real urgency in your evergreen funnel, consider the following tactics:

Limited-time bonuses: Offer exclusive bonuses that are only available for a short period following the webinar or initial email sequence.

Discounts: Provide a special discount code that expires after a certain timeframe, compelling leads to take advantage of the offer before it’s too late.

Countdown timers: Utilise countdown timers on your sales page or in your emails to visually emphasize the time-sensitive nature of your offer.

Limited availability: Create a sense of scarcity by offering a limited number of spots in a course or a limited number of physical products.

Pro Tip

the best bonuses are Done-For-You things that help them achieve the praised transformation faster – think templates, checklists, swipe copy.

Step 7: Secure a Consistent Source of Traffic

To ensure the success of your evergreen funnel, you need a consistent flow of high-quality traffic. There are a lot of traffic sources available, and it’s essential to choose the ones that best suit your target audience and business model. There’s no right or wrong traffic source for everyone But all that is certain is that you do need a consistent source of quality traffic.

 Some popular traffic sources include:

🔍 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Optimise your website and content to rank higher in search engine results for relevant keywords. This is one of our favourite methods for evergreen leads. It takes more work upfront, and takes time to start getting results. But how good is it when the leads keep coming in without you spending dollars for every click 😉 

📚 Content marketing: Create valuable and engaging blog posts (ideally SEO-optimised), videos, podcasts, or social media content to attract and nurture leads.

💬 Social media advertising: Use paid advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to reach a wider audience and drive targeted traffic to your funnel. This is a great way to get fast traffic.

🎯 Google Ads: Utilise Google’s advertising platform to target specific keywords and attract visitors who are actively searching for solutions in your niche.

🤝Influencer marketing: Partner with influencers in your industry to promote your lead magnet or webinar to their audience.

✍️Guest posting: Contribute high-quality content to relevant websites or blogs in your niche, with a link back to your lead magnet or webinar.

Ads are great as they give you an on/off tap to turn on leads very quickly – the downside is that it can be expensive (Of course the better your evergreen funnel converts, the more you can afford to pay for ads ).

It takes time to grow your organic search engine traffic using SEO, but we love it because once you’ve built that traffic you don’t have to keep paying for every lead.

You want to focus on a mixture of Bottom of Funnel (people who are deciding if your course is right for them e.g. “[Your Course Name] reviews”, Middle of Funnel (people looking specifically for a solution e.g. “pregnancy fitness course”) and Top of Funnel (people looking for answers to a specific problem or question e.g. “pregnancy safe exercises”)

Scaling Tip

Use Ads and Organic search traffic together to get the best of both worlds.

Step 8: Promote Your Lead Magnet and/or Webinar EVERYWHERE

Evergreen sales funnels are a numbers game…Once you know your sales funnel works, you need to make sure as many ideal customers as possible can enter the funnel.

Here are some strategies to help you get the word out:

Your website:  This is the first place you should add it. There are a few key spots on your website that can help increase the visibility of your lead magnet for anyone browsing it.

  • On the top bar of your website
  • Underneath the main hero banner on your home page.
  • In the footer.
  • In your blog posts (in the middle of blog posts, in the footer, in the sidebar)
  • A popup on your website (yea pop-ups can be annoying, but when done right they work. “Exit-intent” popups are often a winner as you grab them before they leave and after they’ve read what they came to read).

Leverage your email list: Send out your lead magnet or webinar to your existing subscribers, it may just be the first step for converting them from subscribers to buyers.

Cross-promote on social media: Share your lead magnet or webinar across all of your social media platforms, and engage with your audience to create excitement.

Collaborate with industry partners: Partner with complementary businesses or influencers in your niche to promote each other’s lead magnets or webinars. For example if you’re appearing on a podcast, a lead magnet is a great call-to-action to include when you talk, and in the show links. 

Utilise SEO and content marketing: Optimise your content and website to attract organic traffic and promote your lead magnet or webinar.

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Our favourite types of Evergreen Funnels

Navigating the landscape of evergreen funnels can feel a bit daunting, but don’t worry! I’ve got your back. Let’s explore some popular types of evergreen funnels, so you can choose the one that’s best for your business. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here, so feel free to mix and match these strategies to find your ideal fit!

1. SLO Funnels (Also called “Tiny offers”)

SLO (Self-Liquidating Offer) funnels are all about turning those leads into paying customers with minimal fuss. With this type of funnel, you’ll offer a low-priced, high-value product that’s irresistible to your audience.

The goal is to cover your ad spend while converting prospects into buyers.

It’s a win-win: your customers get an awesome deal, and you get to grow your list of buyers (and potential future clients) without breaking the bank.

The other benefit of SLOs is that they attract buyers who are serious about taking action and getting results. They’re not just interested in freebies, they’re willing to invest in your offer from the get-go. This means that they’re usually more likely to purchase from you again in the future (Just make sure you truly give them good value).

Often, this strategy is used to get people on your list so you can get your core offer in front of them. If that’s the case, make sure you don’t completely solve their problem or they won’t buy the upcoming big offer.

However, you can also make them highly profitable by themselves:

Pro Tip

With the help of order bumps and upsells, you can boost your average cart value, which can help you generate a better return on investment and even profit from your ad spend.

SLO funnels are one of the fastest and simplest types of funnels to create and test. You can quickly gather data and see results, which is a huge advantage over more complex funnels that take longer to show progress.

You have to get the offer just right for SLO funnels to work. It needs to be irresistible to cold traffic, so you’ll have to create an offer that’s valuable enough for someone who’s never heard of you before to trust you with their hard-earned money.

2. Tripwire Funnels

Tripwire funnels are a clever, yet subtle marketing tactic that you’ve likely come across before, even if you didn’t realise it. These funnels operate by presenting an irresistible offer right after someone has opted in for your freebie.

So let’s say a potential customer is drawn to your fantastic freebie, and they eagerly submit their details to access it…

Instead of landing on a simple “Thank You!” page, they’re greeted by an enticing, very limited-time offer that’s too good to pass up (e.g. 20 minutes), typically priced under $30 that they can’t get anywhere else at this price.

This creates a sense of urgency, encouraging the new subscriber to take action and make a purchase.

The beauty of tripwire funnels lies in the fact that you’re putting a low-cost offer in front of someone after they’ve already made a mini-commitment in signing up for your free offer, and you can profit while building your list.

By offering a low-cost, high-value product, you’re also showing your commitment to delivering exceptional content and products.

As a result, your prospects become more open to purchasing your core offer down the line. It’s a win-win situation – your audience gets a great deal, and you get a new customer primed for your main offer.

Just make sure your tripwire is genuinely valuable and aligned with your audience’s needs to maximise its effectiveness.

Again, don’t solve their whole problem if you’re strategy is to prime them for your core offer, and keep it easily digestible, so they can finish it quickly and be ready for your core offer.

3. Webinar Funnels

Webinar funnels are perfect for showcasing your expertise and building authority in your niche. You’ll invite your audience to a free, value-packed webinar where you’ll share your knowledge and offer solutions to their most pressing problems.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll pitch your core product or service, demonstrating how it can help them achieve their goals.

Webinar funnels are a fantastic way to engage with your audience, share valuable insights, and promote your offerings in a genuine, helpful manner.

By providing valuable information during your webinar, you can promote your products or services without coming across as pushy or salesy.

Like Tripwire & SLO funnels, you just want to make sure you don’t completely solve their problem with the webinar:

a) go deep on a small but painful problem if you know they’re likely to have other bigger problems you can solve with your core offer.

b) go high-level, so teach them a high-level overview of the concepts and the “what” and “why”. Then your core offer should go into depth on “how” to implement

For more tips on making webinars evergreen click here to scroll up to that step in the step-by-step guide to evergreen funnels.

4. Application Funnels

Let’s talk about application funnels. These are great automated conversion tool for selling high-ticket items, usually over $3K. And can be used with or without a sales call.

The thing we love about application funnels is that they filter out the tire-kickers and focus on warming up the best potential customers, so you don’t waste your time on uninterested leads. When you’re selling high-ticket offers, low-quality leads can fill up your time very quickly.

By targeting only the most qualified leads, you’re setting yourself up for success and increased conversions.

So how does an application funnel deliver results?

It starts with a detailed form that your prospects have to fill out, giving you insights into who’s seriously considering your high-ticket offers.

Once they’ve completed the application, you can send them to a webinar, further nurturing their interest and demonstrating the value of your offer.

By the time they learn about the price, they’ll be ready to appreciate the true worth of your premium product or service.

Then you’ll manually assess the application to make sure they’re a good fit for your high-ticket course or service, and then offer them a place.

And that’s how you achieve high-ticket sales success.

So that’s a quick overview of some popular evergreen funnel types to help you choose the one that’s right for you. Remember, the key is to experiment, adapt, and find the approach that best suits your unique business needs. And if you need a helping hand along the way, I’m always here for you!

Evergreen Funnel Optimisation and Refinement

Once your evergreen funnel is up and running, it’s essential to continually optimise and refine it to improve conversion rates and maximise revenue. Here are some key areas to focus on:

Split testing: Conduct A/B tests on your lead magnet, email sequences, webinar, and sales page to determine which elements are most effective at converting leads into customers.

Analyse data: Review analytics and tracking data to identify areas of your funnel that may need improvement. Pay close attention to metrics like conversion rates, click-through rates, and average time spent on the sales page.

Gather feedback: Reach out to leads and customers for feedback on their experience with your funnel. This can provide valuable insights into potential areas of improvement.

Stay current: Keep up with industry trends and best practices to ensure your funnel remains fresh and relevant to your target audience.

Common Evergreen Funnel Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

When building an evergreen funnel, it’s crucial to be aware of common pitfalls that can hinder its success. Here are some tips to help you avoid these issues:

Overcomplication: Keep your funnel simple and streamlined, focusing on the essential components that will drive conversions.  This is so important. I see so many guru funnels that have all these extra layers of complexity. If your offer is good, you don’t need these hacks to trick people into buying.

Lack of personalisation: Ensure your email sequences and webinar feel personal and engaging, despite their automated nature.

Inconsistency: Make sure your messaging and branding are consistent across all elements of your funnel, from your lead magnet to your sales page.

Neglecting optimisation: Regularly review and optimise your funnel to ensure it’s performing at its best and maximising revenue.

And check it’s working correctly. We audited a 7-figure course’s quiz funnel and found that after their users filled in the quiz they weren’t being redirected to the relevant thank you page. We have no idea how many people were being lost into the abyss. 

Tools for Evergreen Funnels

To create, manage, and optimise evergreen funnels, there are several tools that can make the process smoother and more efficient. 

This is definitely not meant to be an exhaustive list, or a comparison guide, but here are some of the most popular tools to help you build and maintain a successful evergreen funnels.

Email Marketing Platforms

An effective evergreen funnel relies heavily on email marketing to nurture leads and drive conversions. Some of the top email marketing platforms to consider include:

  • ActiveCampaign (our favourite)
  • ConvertKit (second favourite)
  • Mailchimp
  • Drip
  • AWeber

These platforms offer automation features, allowing you to set up and schedule email sequences, segment your audience, and track the performance of your campaigns.

Landing Page Builders

A well-designed landing page is crucial for capturing leads and driving them towards your offer. Some popular landing page builders include:

  • WordPress (We’re a fan of Kadence Blocks for building flexible but high-speed landing pages, but this is more for web designers rather than DIY)
  • ClickFunnels
  • Leadpages
  • Unbounce
  • Instapage
  • Kartra
  • Kajabi

These tools provide templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and integrations with other marketing tools, making it easy to create high-converting landing pages for your evergreen funnel.

Webinar Platforms

Webinars can be a powerful component of an evergreen funnel, allowing you to educate and engage your audience. Here are some popular webinar platforms:

  • EverWebinar
  • WebinarJam
  • Demio
  • EasyWebinar
  • GoToWebinar

These platforms offer automated and on-demand webinar options, making it easy to create and schedule webinars as part of your evergreen funnel.

Countdown Timer Tools

Creating a sense of urgency is essential for driving conversions in an evergreen funnel. Countdown timer tools help create this urgency by displaying a timer on your sales page or in your emails. Some popular countdown timer tools include:

  • Deadline Funnel (lightyears above any other tool for making sure that people get the same deadline wherever they go)
  • Evergreen Countdown Timer
  • HurryTimer

These tools can be integrated with your email marketing platform and landing page builder, ensuring that each lead experiences the same sense of urgency.

Analytics and Tracking Tools

Monitoring and optimising your evergreen funnel requires access to accurate performance data. Some of the most popular analytics and tracking tools include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Kissmetrics
  • Hotjar
  • Crazy Egg
  • Google Sheets

These tools allow you to track visitor behavior, conversion rates, and other essential metrics to identify areas for improvement and optimise your funnel for better results.

By leveraging these tools, you can create a more efficient and effective evergreen funnel, increasing the likelihood of converting leads into customers and boosting your overall sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about evergreen funnels:

How long does it take to set up an evergreen funnel?

Setting up an evergreen funnel can vary in time, depending on the complexity of the funnel and the assets you need to create. On average, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to set up a fully functional evergreen funnel. Keep in mind that it’s essential to test and optimise your funnel for the best results, which may add additional time.

How long does it take to see results from an evergreen funnel?

The time it takes to see results from an evergreen funnel can vary depending on factors like traffic volume, conversion rates, and optimisation efforts. It’s important to be patient and consistently refine your funnel to improve its performance over time.

How do I know if an evergreen funnel is right for my business?

An evergreen funnel can be a great fit for businesses that offer digital products, online courses, coaching services, or membership programs. If you have a product or service that can be sold consistently without the need for live launches or time-sensitive promotions, an evergreen funnel may be the right choice for you.

Can I have multiple evergreen funnels?

Yes, you can create multiple evergreen funnels for different products or services within your business. This can help you diversify your income streams and maximise your revenue potential.

Can I use evergreen funnels for physical products or services?

Yes, evergreen funnels can be used for various business models, including physical products and services. The key is to create a funnel that nurtures leads and guides them towards making a purchase. This can be done through a series of emails, webinars, or other content that educates and informs potential customers about the value of your product or service.

How can I track the performance of my evergreen funnel?

To track the performance of your evergreen funnel, you’ll need to set up tracking and analytics tools to monitor key metrics such as traffic, conversion rates, and revenue generated. Tools like Google Analytics, ClickFunnels, and Kajabi can provide valuable insights into your funnel’s performance. Regularly monitoring and analysing your funnel’s performance will help you identify areas for improvement and optimise for better results.

Can I have multiple evergreen funnels for different products or services?

Absolutely! You can create multiple evergreen funnels for different products or services to target different customer segments. Each funnel should be tailored to the specific product or service you’re offering and address the unique pain points and challenges your target audience faces. This allows you to nurture leads more effectively and increase the chances of converting them into paying customers.

What if my evergreen funnel isn’t generating the results I expected?

If your evergreen funnel isn’t generating the desired results, it’s crucial to identify the areas that need improvement. Analyse your funnel’s performance data, looking for potential bottlenecks or issues that may be affecting conversions.

Consider testing different elements of your funnel, such as email subject lines, content, and calls-to-action, to optimise for better results. Remember, building a successful evergreen funnel can take time and ongoing optimisation, so don’t be discouraged if your initial efforts don’t yield immediate results.

Build An Evergreen Funnel for Consistent Revenue Growth

An evergreen funnel can be a powerful tool for generating consistent revenue and growing your business. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create a highly effective evergreen funnel that will drive conversions and increase your passive income. 

Remember to continually optimise and refine your funnel so it remains fresh and relevant to your target audience, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new strategies and tactics to maximise your results…once you’ve got a baseline.

With dedication and persistence, you can achieve success with your evergreen funnel and enjoy the benefits of a thriving, scalable business.

Having trouble cracking the code to evergreen funnels on your own? Our done-for-you Evergreen Funnel Building Service may be just what you need. We’ll help you build each step of creating your high-converting evergreen funnel, from lead magnet to landing pages to nurture sequences and sales page.

We can work with you to ensure that your evergreen funnel not only attracts high-quality leads but also converts them into loyal customers.

Ready to Ignite Sustainable Growth with an Evergreen Sales Ecosystem?

Zero Commitment. Infinite Possibilities.

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